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Ssteele: Creating A Niche In The Industry

The P.A Group of Industries was set by Mr. G.S Purewal, a man with immense visionary power. He was known as an idealistic person, rather than a shrewd businessman and was respected by Indian as well as international watch makers.
P.A Time Industries is the owner of the Maxima brand which is the second largest watch brand in India. The vision behind setting up the Maxima brand was to target the economically weak part of the Indian society. Thus the price range is also a very honest and modest one starting at Rs. 350. There is a huge availability in models across Maxima which make it very a very popular brand since it caters to choices of all and sundry.  Moreover an attempt has been made by making it available in all nook and corners of the country.
Recently the PA time Industries have launched a new range of watches called SSTEELE which has a range of more than 50 distinct models between price points of Rs1500-Rs 3000.  There is an upward shift in the value chain with the launch of the SSTEELE brand.
The models characterize as being classy, elegant, daring and glamorous. The target group for this brand is essential females and males belonging to urban and semi urban cities of India. The SSTEELE models which are made of stainless steel purely are targeted to capture the imagination of today's youth.
The watchmakers have conducted extensive market research and thus feel that the youth of the country basically feels the same way and thus the target group ranges across the different tiers of society. The research also reflected on youth's choice being primarily towards European designs that was thus incorporated in the impressivedesigning of the SSTEELE brand.
The smart and contemporary look of the watches definitely has a potential to be a trendsetter, which would once again reflect on the immense potential of the company.
The PA Time Industries intends undertaking huge marketing campaigns and branding exercises to build awareness for the brand. Moreover the PA Time Industries have always been reputed for their quality, services, innovation and superior designing. Thus with the launch of SSTEELE the company intends to reinforce these characteristics to their customers for higher growth and sky rocketing sales.
A customer usually looks for after sales services while purchasing a watch. Thus the PA Time Industries intend having a strong network for distribution as well after sales service providers for SSTEELE in place. The company intends to have a distribution network of the first 50 in the key cities and towns in the country during the fist phase. This would be followed by an expansion of 30 more across the country in the second phase. Overall they intend opening 80 centers for distribution by the end of 2010.
The company is targeting a significant increase in turnover with the launch of the SSTEELE brand. This reflects highly in the company's aspirations and beliefs.
Thus the jazzy and stylish SSTEELE would surely prove to be a worth while accessory for the young Indian who wants to look impressive and glamorous!

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