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5 Factors Why Relationships Fail And Dont Succeed

A large number of difficulties in a romantic relationship won't simply happen overnight. So just why do relationships fail? Occasionally we pick the incorrect person to be with and then we try to make it operate. Sure in the beginning things were going pretty good, yet sometime one of you recognized that this person I am with is not proper for me. There are many reasons why this happens and many times it is because you develop your relationship on the wrong basis.

Relationship Depending on Sex Only

A relationship construct on a weak basis will topple eventually. A relationship that is set on sex and sex merely will truly fall short eventually. Yes it is interesting at the beginning yet just what does one do when you find yourself not getting close? Sure you can just go hang out together with your buddies, but what takes place while the two of you are alone and you realize that you really do not have much to talk about. That is also the time when one if not both of you will start to see things that you never paid attention too when you were just in it for the sex.

Opposites Attract

That old saying opposites attract is true in many ways. We tend to want to be with someone that has similar interest to ours, but we also want someone that interest different from ours. If you are with someone that likes all the same things you do and they like to do all the same things you do, that will get old eventually. Sure you need some things in common, but you also want someone that is a little different. If you are the outgoing type and you are with a homebody, every now and then you need to stay home. The key is to find ways to play on each other

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