Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

Shishi Cloth Market

"This year, efforts to develop the last three years, the biggest year." Lion cloth Association yesterday, chairman of Hong Ming said to feel moved. The face of financial crisis on China's textile and apparel market, the impact of the textile clothing industrychain as a lion important part of the fabric market, this yearfurther play "R & D-type trade," which is the backbone of cloth industry, companies have increased R & D strengths , not only to keep the market fundamentals, but also ready for the attack in the second half, "see the warming has been" in the marketprepared enough "ammunition."
"This year the market to go bad, are no longer marketable fabrics more. To hold the market, only to fight characteristics and quality." Hongming to the said Association earlier this year called on member companies, "Bao Tuan break through the barrier," and guided cloth industry, company to play a "R & D-type trade "advantages, increase product innovation, adhere tothe market position. 
At the same time, more than 20 households in multi-core operations to capture the marketdemand information, innovative products to "protect the market, expand the sales", according to incomplete statistics, the backbone of this year's cloth industry, the market of new products have been developed more than in 2000. Shishi Jin Leeb industry, the company has developed a pre-June more than 200 kinds of new products, the investment of financial and material resources more than last year. Forward-looking information the company needs to develop a "sense of plastic cloth," "a sense of adhesive paper," "Lap sense of plastic" coating of new products, weakness in the first half of the market in the doubly popular, despite the "selling price" is still not up high , but also from the aggregate to stabilize the customer market; lions Taiwan Lomb industry this year have also increased research and development efforts of the knitted fabric, using a lot of scraping adhesive, coating and printing of new technology, fabrics and finishing aspects of depth of processing, relying on the new specialty products to stabilize the old customers and new developments in a number of "potential customers." 
"The same is a piece of gray cloth, printing and dyeing and finishing of different quality and grade of the big difference." According to reports, because of the continuously developing new products as the support fabric and lions fabric market in the face this year, a rare "market downturn" , much of the cloth industry, the company remained true to its market position to live. Even if it is done outside the sharp drop in demand for a single fabric, many fabrics industry, the company still "Diwai loss Tsutsumiuchi fill" in the market for domestic customers on the widened.
Shishi cloth market, the company is not a simple cloth industry "selling cloth," but in due course out of a "win market through product development," and "R & D-type trade" road. Past two years, more than 500 families mostly have a cloth business R & D productivity, more than 30 backbone fabric industry is also working with research institutes to form a "production and research," a unique model of cooperation in product development. Shishi cloth industry, the company's product development is mainly reflected in fabric finishing, the fabric industry innovation in recent years, a lot of lions finishing technology, to promote casual fabrics lions walking in the forefront of the national counterparts.

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