Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

Income At Home - Are They Legitimate, Or Just Another Scam?

Income at Home is a large and extremely effective marketing website that has been involved in affiliate marketing for many, many years. The website has been heard on several popular radio talk shows and in the end is a marketing company called Online Business Systems. So what is the product and opportunity that Income at Home has to offer the individual wanting to make extra money on or offline?
The truth about Income at Home is that they are a marketing funnel designed to help individuals looking for opportunities to make extra income in the multilevel marketing arena. It was just some time ago that I myself had opted in and soon received information on a system called Carbon Copy Pro, a system set up by internationally known Internet marketer Jay Kubassek, who is also part of Wealth Masters International.  Today OBS or Income at Home is introducing a new program that is actually one of the oldest and largest of the multilevel marketing companies.
Today this company promotes Herbalife, a company that many of us know as a leader in the health and wellness industry with some of the best quality vitamin supplements on the market. Herbalife has been around for decades and is still continuing to grow today, although not as substantially as it once did, but it still continues to grow. The Income at Home opportunity comes at an entry fee of $9.95 upfront and a charge of $39.95 after a 14 day look at the system. Multilevel marketing can be a great way to earn a little extra income, even in the economy we are faced with at this time.
So what is Income at Home? It is simply a lead generating website and company that is in business with more than just one multilevel marketing company at a time. Is there anything wrong with this? Not in my mind. We live in a great country where ideas and commerce come together to form perfect entrepreneurialism. Many are skeptic of MLM's and or, network marketing opportunities, but in this case this is not truly an opportunity company more than it is a lead compiling company for other companies.

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