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Awesome Belly Flattening Exercises

If you're looking for some excellent belly flattening exercises, I have a few of the best for you today.  I'm not talking about your typical situps or crunches, either.  I'll talk about some belly reduction exercises that do a far better job than those exercises.

Excellent Belly Flattening Exercises
The Vacuum Pose

This exercise uses isometric tension to get very good results.  All you have to do is concentrate of pulling in your lower stomach muscles.  Keep sucking your stomach in until it is just about 6 inches below your belly button.  So, you really need to concentrate on this because what you'll end up seeing is that your belly is actually above the belly button being sucked in.  You just have to feel it.  But visualizing it will help, too.

Too many people who try this think they are doing it wrong.  But they need to take it easy.  Just make sure your belly gets sucked in and you hold that position for as long as you possibly can.  3-5 seconds is enough.

Do this exercise for a total of 5-10 minutes every day.  Just do it whenever you have a free moment.

Run Up Stairs

While this may not be an exercise that directly targets the abs, it will burn a whole lot of fat from the area of your waist.  The ideal scenario is if you have stairs at home to do this. If not, you'll have to locate some.

All you have to do is run up stairs and then walk back down.  Then repeat.  And just keep repeating this for 10 minutes straight.

It's a very simple exercise, but don't mistake it for being easy.

If you commit to these 2 belly flattening exercises for a few weeks, I promise you will some very impressive results.
Awesome Diet Lunch Meals For Weight Loss

If you're having a hard time coming up with a healthy menu, today I'll clue you in on a few diet lunch meals for weight loss.  The fact you are reading this right now lets me know that you're ready to do something positive.  You recognize a problem exists. 

If you want learn some new ways of losing weight quickly and permanently, just spend the next few minutes reading the rest of this article. 

Simple and Easy Diet Lunch Meals

Chicken soup with black beans

I want you to make this soup from scratch.  Making soup is not hard at all. Believe me, you can do it.

All you have to do is grab 4 ounces of chicken breast and cut it up.  Then throw in half a can of black beans, broth, water, and vegetables.  

That's it.

Now you have yourself a nutritious lunch.  And you can eat what's left over before dinner or save it for tomorrow. 

Protein Shakes 

If you're looking for something quick and healthy, you can't go wrong with protein shakes.  You can add the protein to either water or milk.

Add one and a half scoops of protein powder, throw in a banana, and blend the whole thing up.  If you like, you can also add in an apple.

Black bean and tuna salad 

Grab one can of tuna, half a can of black beans, mix them together with mayonnaise and maybe some bbq sauce or mustard, and throw the whole concoction on a bed of lettuce.

It's as easy as that.  A lunch packed with protein.

Those are 3 of my favorite diet lunch meals for weight loss.  Use them as a rough guideline for your own lunches.

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