Minggu, 11 Juli 2010

How To Get Free Adventure coins in AQW


Okay, I want to show you guys how to get free coins. It will take  a while to get 100 but if you cant pay this is the right thing to do.
 Bagaimana caranya mendapatkan adventure coin di AQ world ?
Step 1. Download AQWorlds Toolbar from http://www.aq.com/aextras/toolbar/
Step 2. Type your account Name & Password then submit it.
Step 3. Choose Firefox Or Internet Explorer to install the toolbar to, (I choose Firefox)
Step 4. Search Anything from the tool bar and click search, and if you get to  30 searches you will either get 3 Coins or 5 Coins to your   AQWorlds Account. 
Type Anything
Me, I don't do that because I prefer to pay it,    but I am glad I found this cheat for does of who your parents don't let you buy things on internet.
Cheat Adventure Quest 

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