Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

Rima Fakih Pole Dancing Photo


Less than 24-hours after being named the new Miss USA, a first for an Arab-American woman, pictures of Rima Fakihparticipating in a 2007 pole dancing competition have surfaced. The one above is courtesy of Detroit’s Mojo in the Morning.
Donald Trump is said to be investigating.
I’m not really sure what punishment Fakih could face in this matter considering that the Miss USA pageant included lingerie photos and videos as part of this year’s competition.
Really, how long can it be before lapdancing is included in the “talent” portion of the evening?
As to whether Fakih will suffer a similar fate to Carrie Prejean and be fired by Trump fom her corporate position as Miss USA, Rima could always just claim she was taking part in America’s hottest workout trend.

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