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Video Ariel dengan Aura Kasih Mulai Beredar


After hot news last afternoon which state that the man who stolen Ariel’s external hardisk ask Ariel to pay him to stop spreading the 32 Best Ariel sex video collection, many people try to find out other videos that may be release after Luna Maya and Cut Tari. There still many Indonesian artist stated to have nasty affair with Ariel. And the most searched is Download Aura Kasih’s Videos.

Buzz about video mesum artis Indonesia keep rocking. Either the video really exist or not, the news always explosive. Every time there's a news about download video mesum of Indonesian celebrity, the search engines in the internet will be spammed with the artist's name. At least it's a good indicator of the artist's popularity. 

It's already a week, the search engines are hit by thousands of people typing the keyword Download Video Mesum Aura Kasih. The total searches in all Google domain shows approximately 3,190,000 queries for the "Download Video Mesum Aura Kasih" keyword. That means, more than 3,000 query per day.

Everyone should agree that Aura Kasih is undoubtly very beautiful and sexy. Maybe that's why when people heard about the existance of her video mesum, everyone quickly find out whether it's true or not

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Koleksi Video Bugil mengatakan... 9 Juni 2010 10.56

ga sabar nunggu ni gan....

Anonymous mengatakan... 9 Juni 2010 13.54

@anonim pemosting link ziddu
acrit lo penipu busuk.... gak tau orang lagi penasaran....

Anonymous mengatakan... 13 Juni 2010 10.22


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